Bruges did not earn the title of World Heritage just like that. The city is bursting with cultural pearls and breathtaking historical inner town attracts tourists from all over the world. As soon as you set one foot into the city you are litterally being warped into midieval history.

If you cannot wait to visit Bruges in person, you can already have a taste of Bruges by taking the virtual tour of the town here.

Attractions and museums

Bruges had some 16 museums, which are divided in three sections:

Bruges is often referred to as the chocolate city. Be sure to visit the chocolate musum 'Choco-Story'!


You can visist Bruges in many different ways. Walking, biking, or you can choose to visit Bruges  with a guide. By boat, foot, bus, carriage or by bike, you will cross all through Bruges and you won't miss a single information about the city.



Still haven't got enough of Bruges? Be sure to check the events that are occurring during your stay.

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